C#/C++ Games Programmer

Noah Freeman

Hey! I'm Noah Freeman

A Games Programmer who's passionate about making engaging gameplay and interesting development tools.

C#/C++ Programmer
Available for Work
Group student project


Planet Nine is an atmospheric, first-person puzzle game set in a factory on an abandoned mining planet. The planet has been overwhelmed by a photosensitive toxin and the light is the only means of safety. Players must use their wits and the light to solve complex puzzles and escape the planet

Group student Vr project


Open Haus is a first person puzzle game where players push, drag and carry furniture to set up a small house interior based on a reference photo. Players must do their best to match the position and orientation of the furniture in the provided photo before clients arrive for the open house viewing.

student engine project

C++ Physics engine

This C++ Physics Engine was created by me using the a bootstrap rendering software provided by the Academy of Interactive Entertainment. It has a variety of different tools for messing about, which can be switched between with the 0-4 number keys. The balls colour shows their velocity, and the simulation can be exited with the ESC key.

personal projects

About me

I'm a passionate and hard working game programmer driven to learn about all areas of game development. I'm looking to further my knowledge and skillset in this field, and I'm interested in any opportunities that would help me in this.

When I say I'm interested in all areas of game development, I really mean all areas. I've thoroughly enjoyed working on general gameplay mechanics, developer tools, and shader code, and I'm looking forward to learning more. I'm fluent in both C# and C++, although I'm open to picking up new languages. I have a lot of experience using Unity, both in personal projects and in group productions, and recently I've been learning a lot about Unreal through my studies at AIE.

I'm currently Canberra based, but I'm open to all kinds of work setups whether its working from home, national, or international.

Known Programs + Languages



I've been working in Unity as a hobby since my early days in high school, but recently I've been attending the Academy of Interactive Entertainment to try and sharpen my skills. I have a lot of experience with this engine and I'm very comfortable using it, however my engine of (personal) choice is slowly changing to Unreal.


I've used Unreal Engine a lot less than Unity, but find there to be some parallels between the two that I've been using to learn about the tool much faster than I learnt how to use Unity. I've worked primarily in blueprints but I'm fluent in C++ and working on projects to expand my Unreal C++ knowledge.


I have a lot of C++ and C# experience both inside Unity and Unreal, and outside of these engines on standalone projects. A lot of this time was spent programming gameplay mechanics such as player controllers, systems, and some shader code on the side. I also have some experience with GLSL, which I'm planning on learning more about. <talk about unreal blueprints too>